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author image by MPN EVOLUTION | 0 Comments | June 13, 2022


The time has come to return to Fortuna III. The Cycle: Frontier is available now for free, and Pre-season has already begun.

Pre-season is the perfect time to dive in before the full release of the game and the start of Season 1 on June 22nd. Progress won’t be reset between Season 1 and the Pre-season, so make sure to get a head start to your Prospecting career!

Pre-season is also the time to grab some in-game welcome packs with a 25% discount, this discount is available until June 15th. A total of four packs are already available for purchase: Initiate Pack, Professional Pack, Specialist Pack, and Elite Pack. Each includes unique outfits and weapon skins, plus a notable amount of Aurum, Kmarks, and gear.

Season 1 will start on June 22nd worldwide and deliver the full suite of items and rewards coming in the new edition of the Fortuna Pass. Get ready!


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