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What an incredible last couple of weeks we have had together as a community coming together and showing support for the inaugural All-Star Legends event!

This weekend our seven Apex Legends squads took to the battlefield to compete for the highest score totaling the combination of most kills, damage and overall placement and we had some amazing scores submitted. This goes on to prove what we already knew…that we have some of the Apex players right here in MPN!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the event during the qualifiers and the main event weekend, the people that supported the draft lottery stream and those that watched our participant’s livestreams all throughout the weekend. You all played a huge part in making this event a success!

With all of that said, Congratulations to Revival Squad on winning the championship this weekend! It seems like the perfect story told that our longest tenured Apex squad brings home the win with an event of this magnitude.

Here are the final scores:
1st: Revival = 97 points
2nd: Genesis = 91 points
3rd: Legion = 81 points
4th: Anarchy = 78 points
5th: Saga = 45 points
6th: Dynasty = 0 points
7th: Viking = 0 points

Thanks again everyone. It was a fantastic way to show appreciation and celebrate our 11 year anniversary this month! Congratulations!!
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