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Advisory Council (ADV)
Description: This title is given to former leaders of Merciless Pros Network that have shown commitment, dedication, and quality leadership skills. This is given to members when uncontrolled situations occur in real life that make it difficult for them to perform at the level required of them, to give respect to them as former leaders, and to allow them to continue to mentor and support the new leaders of MPN.
Duties: Advisory Council will support current leaders within MPN by sharing advice, strategies, or simply being there to assist or guide these leaders. The Council can attend Leaders/Division meetings, but it is not mandatory. Council cannot make or approve of any rank changes within the community. However, they may lend support or advice in order to assist in the betterment of our future leaders. If a member of the Advisory Council chooses to return to active duty, the Board of Directors will vote on their position and responsibilities.

– Members must have been an active Division Leader or Board Member for a minimum 6 months.
– Members must be active throughout the community.
– Members must be respected by all members of the community.
– Members are selected and voted on by the entire Board of Directors of the community.

Division Based:

General (GEN)
Description: An excellent recruiter and can successfully run multiple divisions at a time, the General is a highly respected rank. The General has to be able to communicate to leaders of the divisions that the General looks over as well as MPN Board members. The General must as respectful and professional towards all members. The General trains the Colonels and only trains the best of the best. They are in charge of promoting the ranks within their divisions, but usually only promotes or demotes the members higher than the Major rank.

Colonel (COL)
Description: The Colonel looks over one division and looks over it completely to make sure it excels. The Colonel successfully made his/her way through the rank structure and has to be approved by a the Chief of Staff.
Duties: The Colonel is to be patient and professional. He/She needs to build their division to over 200 members before considering any rank higher. They are the role model of the division, so maturity comes into play frequently. They need to stay engaged with their division throughout the Discord server.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
Description: This is the highest rank to possibly start a new division and now no-longer looks over just one squad. The Lieutenant Colonel now looks over the entire division and all the squads within the division.
Duties: Running up to four squads and looking over the leaders of each squad to make sure the squads are running properly and the leaders of the squads know their duties. They are also in charge of coordinating the higher ranks in each squad. They also need to attend and help run the weekly division meetings. This rank also needs to keep track of squad performances and run background checks on any members coming into the division. The Lieutenant Colonel should work closely with the Colonel.


Squad Based:

Major (MAJ)
Description: This rank looks over one squad and coordinates squad activities as well as any promotions/demotions in the squad. These promotions or demotions need to be reported up the ranks for future references.
Duties: They are to take insight and training from the Lieutenant Colonel to help supervise their squads. They also lead up all organization of all activities and approvals of new activities, such as teams to represent the squad, any practices, as well as meetings. The Major encourages growth of the squad at all times but careful of not spamming the members too much. The Major should always be assisting with his/her officers on background checks, uniform checks, how to work squad tag and training his/her officers on everyday occurrences. The Major and the Captain hold a squad meeting once a week after the division meeting. They also organize uniform checks with the Lieutenants, in which is keeping the squad tag up to date.

Captain (CPT)
Description: The Captain is the co-leader of a squad. The Captain is to report to the Major.
Duties: The Captain helps with the organizing of activities for the squad, setting up squad meetings for the Major, forwarding the leaders messages to the squad, recruiting and staying active on the MPN Discord server. The Captain must have full knowledge of the Rank Structure. The CPT is the one to suggest which Sergeants should be promoted to Lieutenants and approved by the Major. He/she is to run the squad when the Major is not present. The Captain is to train on how to successfully run a squad so that he/she can take the Major’s place when promotions are given.

Lieutenant (LT)
Description: This rank is given to Sergeants who have proven they are ready to take their career to the next level. There are a total of 4 Lieutenants in a squad.
Duties: Helping their Captain with squad activities and keeping track of the squad lists. A Lieutenant should know and understand how to run background checks on the new members. They must being fully trained in recruiting techniques, the Code of Conduct , and the Rank Structure. They have to be active in the Discord server. The Lieutenants are responsible for solving minor problems and recruiting new members. They should be role models for all the ranks under them. Anyone from 2LT and higher MUST have MPN in their gamertag for the gaming platform they participate in. They are to report to the Captain and Major.

Master Sergeant (MSG)
Description: The Master Sergeant is in charge of training new members the proper way to recruit new members and get them successfully placed within a MPN squad.
Duties: The MSG has a very important rank, because members need to be trained correctly to keep the squad efficient and gain the most activity. The Master Sergeants are well trained and able to assist new members however needed throughout all aspects of squad operations.

Staff Sergeant (SSG)

Description: The Staff Sergeant is a member who is actively training to become a MPN officer. He/She has shown they can recruit members and is active in the Discord server. The Staff Sergeant should show leadership qualities to prove they are ready to begin training on leading a MPN squad in the future.
Duties: The Staff Sergeant must participate in squad activities regularly and help with training new members. The Sergeant must know the entire squad ranking system and should be learning the division ranks as well.

Sergeant (SGT)
Description: The Sergeant rank is awarded once a member in MPN changes their gamertag to represent the community putting the letters “MPN” at the beginning. You can still earn the SGT rank by progressing through each rank listed below without a gamertag.
Duties: The Sergeants are to uphold the Code of Conduct and stay active as a gamer with the squad members. They should begin to completely memorize the Rank Structure. They are a role models to all ranks lower and are to stay active with not only higher leaders of the squad but also the lower ranked members. They should be constantly playing online with other MPN members and helping recruit into their squad. They are to report to the Lieutenants and all other ranks up to the General.

Corporal (CPL)
Description: The Corporal is a member who has shown interest in a leadership rank, but has not yet changed their Gamertag to represent the MPN community.
Duties: The Corporal should be successful at recruiting new members and training some of the newer members in the community. This rank is obtained after a member has obtained 3 successful recruits into the MPN community. The Corporal must also be attending meetings and other events that the squad may hold. He/She should know the Code of Conduct, Rank Structure and be active in the Discord server.

Private First Class (PFC)
Description: This is the rank members earned when they have shown they can recruit. In order to obtain this rank a member must have acquired 1 recruit into the MPN gaming community or have attended at least one official squad meeting.
Duties: Recruiting and playing online with other MPN members. They also need to report to all squad meetings and practices. They should begin learning the Ranking Structure up to a Major rank and get familiar with the Code of Conduct. This rank is encouraged to change their gamertag within 2 weeks, but are not required at any time to do so.

Private (PVT)
Description: This is the first rank you receive upon entering the MPN gaming community. By joining the community you agree to follow the Rules of MPN.
Duties: Privates are to take guidance and training from Sergeants of the squad. They are to remain in uniform at all times, agree to respect the Code of Conduct, start to learn the Rank Structure up through Major rank and be in our MPN Discord server. They are to also meet other MPN members by attending squad activities. They should start learning recruiting strategies and getting familiar with the ways of MPN. They are to report to the Sergeants or any higher rank up to a Major rank.

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