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author image by MPN EVOLUTION | 0 Comments | February 28, 2022

MPN_mediocregirl met with a couple great members in our Legion Squad of the Final Stand division. These members are both Apex Legends players who are valuable assets to the MPN gaming community. Here is their interview with her:


A couple of questions right out of the gate to kick this off –

  1. What brought you to MPN? And 2. How long have you been in MPN for now?

ShutDino: ” What brought me to MPN was that I was looking for a group of people that I could consistently find people to play with and I got everything I wanted and more from MPN. I’ve been in MPN for about a year give or take a few months.”

Demontion: “I ask if anyone was recruiting for a community in CoD and Evolution got in contact with me and put me in Nexus squad. I’ve been in MPN for 3 months this time around however for the first time around I was in MPN for 8 months.”


  • What was MPN like for you when you first joined? How do you see it now?

Shutdino: ” When I first joined MPN it was kinda confusing with all its rules and regulations but it was also welcoming. Now I see it as a family.”

Demontion: “MPN when I first join was weird. It was hard to join people as a Private and being new was tough. However now we focus on the Private and the recruits of MPN and I think that’s great and a better experience for everyone new.”


  • Is there anyone you met here that’s change your experience for the better?

Shutdino: “I would have to say Morti, an ex mpn member and was the Major of Anarchy when I was apart of that squad she really helped me get interacting with the squad as a whole. Another that I would I would say changed my experience would be MPN_Gibs. Watching him interact with everyone and all the love and support he gives to division as a whole.”

Demontion: “Oh gosh it’s gotta be Ejiberry and Gibs. They make my day and help me out when I ask for their opinions, and they always help me out.”


  • Tell me a little bit about you. Outside of gaming.

Shutdino: “Well outside of gaming my hobbies are anime and webcomics and soon I will be putting together a resume and I’ll start looking for a job.”

Demontion: “I’m a tire tech lol been doing it for 7 years now haha. I love to fish hunt and also be outdoors instead of being inside I also love hiking and camping.”

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