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author image by MPN EVOLUTION | 0 Comments | December 29, 2021

The following was submitted by the Chief Information Officer, MPN_mediocregirl:

What’s it like being a gamer girl? It’s not being taken serious. It’s being mistaken for someone who has no potential. It’s having people make assumptions of how you dress, or how you don’t dress. Often it’s a game in itself where if you don’t say anything they’ll walk all over you. If you speak up and stand up for yourself, you’re in the wrong.

Being a woman gamer means working harder to be taken seriously. It means when you achieve your goals, someone will be there to minimize it and take you back 10 steps. Sexually harassed? We asked for it. When we achieve something we work so hard to get, we get told it’s because we have breasts, or we get the attention because we are girls. Or worst, it’s because we slept with the boss to get there. When we choose to give our hearts out, suddenly we become less then everything we’ve created around that fact. 

What does it mean to be a gamer girl to girls themselves? It’s a movement. It’s empowerment and strength. We can create a platform, we can speak our minds and empower others. We can show people we are more then a gender or a stereotype. 

There are so many different types of us, and the biggest thing that keeps us going and motivated is the other women we surround ourselves with. We spread positivity amongst the negativity. We continue to stand up for ourselves and for others. We never take no for an answer when we are working toward the greater good. We are mothers, lovers, friends. We are strength, beauty and intelligence. 

Being a gamer girl is about more then games. It’s about not being afraid to be good or bad at something and still own it. It’s not being afraid to make our own choices and conquer our obstacles. It’s continuing to be us no matter what hate or anger comes our way. It’s finding ourselves and gaining the confidence to overcome more then just an enemy. 

Although speaking our minds, or writing an article will never be enough to actually make a difference, we all still keep the light close and the hope. We keep working extra hard to receive half the respect a man could earn in a fraction of the effort. No matter who, or what tries to bring us down, we will thrive. 

The women of MPN are no different. The female presence a year ago here was small. Our voices were barely visible. Now that we’ve come together in the girls and lgbtq+ club, we have found our voices. We continue to work to prove ourselves. We continue to take officer positions to make the change we want to see in the world. We will continue to be the positivity, the light and the love needed to make this gaming community unlike any other. We are Gamer girls, and we will continue to be exactly that.

If you want to be apart of a positive movement that MPN likes to provide, feel free to stop by the club when ever you’re ready! When you click on general chat, you’ll see a thread pop up in the Discord server!

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