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author image by MPN EVOLUTION | 0 Comments | February 28, 2022

As a new project, MPN wanted to shine some light on a few individuals. Every month we choose a Squad of the Month and Spotlight Members of the Month, but we know there are more to people that we can learn about and why their stories are so great.

Mediocregirl sat down to discuss with a few Legion squad members to get to know them better. She wanted to see what their life journey has been, and how gaming has affected them. Take a read down below.


We start this journey of getting to know the inner workings of Legion with Artkoy. He’s a Private within Legion who only joined up December 15th. He’s still new to the community, but has high hopes. 

He fluently speaks Italian, so all the questions I had asked I asked in Italian so we could get the best answers possible and help him feel comfortable enough to share. 

He currently lives in the Philippines. Before coming to MPN he had found his life not to be the easiest. He said he was often sad but finding MPN has slowly started to change that for him. He’s met a few friends in the community and things are starting to look up for him and give him a sense of happiness. 

What he hopes to keep finding within this community is friends and happiness. Those are his only goals for what he wants out of MPN. 


The very first video game he ever played was Apex Legends. When asked on his impression on the game and how it changed his life he replied:

“APEX LEGENDS, I like. The first time I played, I liked it immediately and it was different then other games. Especially communication, even if you don’t use the microphone you can understand what you want. My favorite video game character is Lifeline. I love helping the team, it’s easy. Sometimes they help me because I’m the first down.”

Outside of the gaming community, Artkoi is a musician. He loves to play the drums, he loves to draw and he works as a tattoo artist. He also runs a group called ALISETI that’s a foundation that helps children in Tanzania.



Another member we interviewed is also new to the community. MPN XtroubleX joined MPN on December 31st, but she’s emerged herself right into the community and is already an officer in our community. 

When asked what brought her to MPN, her response was:

“I was scrolling through Facebook one day looking for an Apex clan to join and EVO messaged me and asked If I wanted to join MPN. He really intrigued me into joining so I went for it and I’ve never wanted to look back.”


What are some things you hope to get out of MPN? 

“I am hoping to become higher in the ranks and get better at the art of Apex. But being here I’m not hoping to get anything out of it I want to give my all into this place and make it even more of an amazing place for gamers alike.”


Tell me about the very first video game you ever played, and how it changed your life?

“The very first video game I played didn’t change my life, but to answer the question it was Crash Bandicoot on the original Xbox. 

The first video game that changed my life was the Walking Dead by Telltale it made me see everything in a different light and perspective it made me more empathetic to people and the world around me.”


We had asked her to go a little deeper into detail about what about the game changed her. She responded with:

“Honestly I can go as deep as you want with the Walking Dead. That game honestly hit me like a train and it’s stuck in my head and heart. 

The parts that really stuck out for me is first it’s a butterfly effect game so whatever decision you make will show the effect it had on other people. So you have 5 pieces of food in one scenario and 7 adults and 2 children and 1 vulnerable old person whoever you choose to feed is going to have an effect on who helps you when times get tough. 

The main character of the first game got bitten and he was on the hunt for his little girl who got kidnapped. Does he show his group the bite and hope they come with him and help him but also risk them thinking he’ll turn and killing him or does he risk hiding it and them helping but also risk them finding the bite and them killing him and never getting to find his little girl?

The last season clementine is responsible for bringing up a 7 year old son from her dead friend. Does she raise him to be a cold hearted killer who doesn’t trust anyone and risk him being alone with no one to help when he needs it or does she grow him up to be a people person but risk him being used as bait or being taken advantage of by bandits? 

It’s the small choices that have such a big impact and I love it.”


Trouble has goals to one day become an Apex Predator and hopes to have over 1.5k kills on all the female characters in Apex. 


Outside of gaming, and the community, MPN Trouble lives in a small down in the North East of England. She’s a retail assistant in a tech and gaming store. She’s a self proclaimed workaholic. She’s a vegetarian with a love for animals. She has two cats and owns 205 African snails. She’s also heavily addicted to anime. 


When asked who’s made the biggest impact on her in the community, she replied:

“If you mean the biggest difference to the squad as a whole I would have to say Demontion. When he wasn’t working Demontion would break his back to make sure the squad chat was active he would always make sure we were all doing okay and he would be the one to always make the notes for the squad meeting and help Sython, the old Major, before he stepped down. If you mean on me personally it would have to be Krayzie and Queen-lolth. They have both brought me out of my shell and have been my best friends since joining MPN. They are always there for me when I need them and they are both great to be around.”

MPN is more then just numbers, and gaming. MPN is about the people. What happens within this community effects everyday lives and usually adds to the better. The more we welcome others in and give them our time and our kindness, the closer we are to making the world a better place in someway. These have been some of the members that build up what Legion is today, and how we treat others will effect their future in the community and life. Let’s keep working hard to build this community up. Not for money, or thanks, or recognition, but for the simple fact that we are helping to build a better world one person at a time.  “

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