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The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset is one of the most important times in the weekly calendar for Bungie’s epic space shooter. Not only does the weekly reset bring Guardians new activities and rewards to enjoy, but more so with the evolution of the game’s seasonal content, we usually get new story content each week too. If you’re wondering what’s going on in Destiny 2 this week, read on, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset.

What time is the weekly reset in Destiny 2?

The weekly reset in Destiny 2 never changes, and it happens every Tuesday at the following times:

  • US Eastern: 1 pm ET
  • US Western: 10 am PT
  • British: 5 pm GMT.
  • European: 6 pm GMT+1.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Content (August 16)

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the weekly content available in Destiny 2 following the reset on August 16.

All of the activities will reset once again on August 23 following the weekly reset which will also begin the start for Destiny 2 Season 18. As soon as the reset takes place we’ll update this page with all the latest info you need.

Destiny 2 Director

What is the Nightfall and Nightfall weapon this week?

This week the Nightfall is Proving Grounds and the Nightfall weapon this week is the Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle.

You’ll find the associated Adept, Hero, Legend, Master, and Grandmaster modifiers below.

Nightfall: Adept
All previous modifiers
Scorched Earth Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.
Acute Solar Burn +25% Solar damage dealt and +50% Solar damage received.
Double Vanguard Rank All Vanguard Rank points earned are doubled.


Nightfall: Hero
All previous modifiers
Champion Foes You will face Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. You must equip Anti-Barrier and Anti-Unstoppable mods to your arms armor to defeat them. These mods come from the Seasonal Artifact.
The Closer When targets are nearby, you have improved slide; after sliding, your ranged weapon attacks deal increased damage for a short time.
Hero Modifiers Extra Shields


Nightfall: Legend
All previous modifiers
Equipment Locked You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
Match Game Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
Shielded Foes You will face combatants with Arc, Solar and Void Shields.
Legend Modifiers Locked Loadout, Match Game, Extra Shields.


Nightfall: Master
All previous modifiers
Master Modifiers Champions: Mob Locked Loadout Match Game Extra Shields.
Champions: Mob This mode contains additional Champions.
Attrition Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.


Nightfall: Grandmaster
All previous modifiers
Grandmaster Modifiers Contest, Join In Progress Disabled, Champions: Mob, Match Game, Extra Shields, Locked Loadout
Extinguish If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
Limited revives Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.
Ignovun’s Challenge Incoming splash damage increased. Knockback damage and distance increased.
Chaff Radar is disabled

Weekly Crucible Playlist

Team Scorched –Everyone on both teams has a Scorch Cannon. Be brave.

Vanguard Burn This Week

Solar Singe – Complete 3 strikes in the Vanguard playlist with the same elemental subclass as the weekly elemental burn.

Savathûn’s Throne World Activities

Weekly Campaign Mission:

  • The Ghosts – “Follow Fynch’s tip to a Hive temple that may contain a clue about how Savathûn stole the Light.”

Legacy Activities

Europa Activities:

  • Eclipsed Zone: Asterion Abyss
  • Empire Hunt: The Warrior: Defeat Eramis’s military commander, Phylaks, the Warrior.
  • Exo Challenge: Simulation: Agility: Simulated Skill-Set Training: Test your dexterity as you move against the Vex.

Moon Activities: (Requires the Shadowkeep Expansion)

  • Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath (Hellmouth)
  • Trove Guardian is in Anchor of Light

Dreaming City Activities: (Requires the Forsaken Expansion)

  • Dreaming City Curse Level: Growing Curse
  • Petra is at Divalian Mists
  • Weekly Mission: The Oracle Engine – The Taken threaten to take control of an irreplaceable Awoken communications device.
  • Ascendant Challenge: Shattered Ruins, Spine of Keres
  • Blind Well: Hive, Plague: Cragur

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