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Chairman of the Board (CHM)
As the founder and owner of Merciless Pros Network since March 1st, 2010, MPN EVOLUTION has be responsible for maintaining and coordinating strong communication with the Board of Directors. He formulates both the company and community strategy plans and oversees their operations to completion.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
As Chief Executive Officer, MPN EVOLUTION is responsible for developing a cohesive brand as well as building a competitive esports organization and community. EVOLUTION is tasked with making major corporate decisions regularly such as working with our business partners, community events, and other MPN or Merciless Pros Esports branding opportunities. It is imperative for EVOLUTION to be able to recognize industry trends and successfully capitalize on opportunities. As CEO, he creates the vision for MPN’s gaming community and esports organization and then shares this vision amongst our teams to create the best possible experience for our teams.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
The Chief Operating Officer is the catalyst to ensuring a high standard of best practice is implemented across our business and community. The COO is tasked with creating a solid foundation that supports drive and effectiveness across our organization. As Chief Operating Officer, this individual oversees all operations around Merciless Pros Esports and the MPN gaming community. The COO ensures that teams have the resources needed to achieve goals and operate efficiently.

Chief of Staff (CoS)

As Chief of Staff for the MPN gaming community, the CoS directs all clan-operations. He cares for critical issues that may arise throughout the entire gaming community and is the main point of contact for day-to-day questions. He facilitates communication from other top-level executive members down to each of MPN’s squad members. Additionally, the Chief of Staff signs off on all officer and higher related rank promotions to ensure their training has been completed accurately and the members are in good-standing with our community.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

As Chief Administrative Officer of Merciless Pros Network, the CAO is tasked with working across our entire Board of Directors to help with various tasks and devise numerous strategies to help meet goals. Reporting directly to MPN EVOLUTION, the CAO assists on projects and ensures they are completed efficiently across our community and organization. The Chief Administrative Officer must be comfortable sharing input when making high-level decisions and be able to help set goals for leaders across our organization.

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)

The main focus as Chief Strategic Officer is developing and executing strategies to accomplish foundational health for MPN gaming community. The CSO is tasked with early recognition of squad level foundational draw-backs and developing a detailed strategy to implement for squad-level correction to present to the CEO, COO, and CoS. After plan approval, the Chief Strategic Officers oversees plan implementation firsthand on a squad-based level until the pre-determined goal for the squad is reached. The CSO is also responsible for researching game activity and exploring the possibility of MPN expanding onto other potential platforms. Our CSO must be a great communicator, be able to get along with different types of people, and be organized at all times.

Chief Performance Officer (CPO)

As Chief Performance Officer of the MPN gaming community, the CPO specializes in developing, facilitating, and supervising training programs throughout the entire community. The CPO is responsible for assessing the needs for specific training programs and then implements them with the help of his training department team. These courses and training programs are free to MPN members and range anywhere from real-life training, how-to videos, and other great topics that help in and out of video games. The Chief Performance Officer analyzes training interaction throughout our community to ensure we get the most engagement from MPN members by providing the best information available at the time of the trainings.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Chief Information Officer is tasked with overseeing our Community Management Software (CMS) by ensuring leaders of the MPN gaming community have correct access to the platform, are making changes when needed in a timely manner, and leading the training when new members are added to the program. The CIO uses our CMS software to identify trends throughout the MPN gaming community such as when member activity is high or low, squad health month-t0-month, and various recruitment trends within multiple platforms and games throughout the calendar year. It is crucial that the Chief Information Officers possesses analytical, organizational, and professional skills. When updates are made to this software, the CIO has the responsibility to update leaders of these changes including additional training if needed.

Chief Justice Officer (CJO)

The Chief Justice Officer is the head of MPN’s court department, which handles all returning-member applications and ban appeals throughout the MPN gaming community. The CJO is tasked with building the department with members from the MPN community to ensure fair and professional decisions are made throughout these various cases. If a member leaves the MPN gaming community under good standing and wishes to return they need to fill out a returning-member form which is then processed by the MPN court department. The CJO also works behind the scenes to implement security protocols throughout the gaming community, to ensure our member’s safety at all times. MPN takes pride in the fact that it provides a fun & safe gaming environment to gamers around the world and that is thanks to the Chief Justice Officer.

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