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Merciless Pros Network “MPN” was formed on March 1st, 2010 by MPN EVOLUTION. MPN was originally created to be a gaming community primarily on the Xbox 360 console for the Halo and Call of Duty series. MPN started out with friendships that were formed around the world and eventually become a well-known large community for the years to come. After transitioning later to the Xbox One console throughout the game’s series it would be decided to try out the PlayStation community to find interest in membership.

In May of 2018, MPN_EVOLUTION would create the first MPN gaming profile on the PlayStation Network and we launched a new division for members to begin joining our community on a whole new platform. This also launched the beginning of our Apex Legends series. Shortly after, MPN would find it’s name around the PC gaming community on games like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Escape From Tarkov.

Now with the advancements of technology such as cross-platform compatibility and the demand for video content we have taken our community a step further with the introduction of our content creation, production, event management and newly formed esports teams. We host several community-wide events each month for members registered in our community and livestream gameplay for our members and it’s fans. We have a content team that are focused on getting videos created and edited, graphics designed and new social media content out regularly for our followers to enjoy.

In 2020, MPN has officially signed it’s first esports team on Call of Duty. We are working harder than ever to put MPN in every gaming scene possible to give the most for our members. We are looking forward to seeing them compete across numerous tournaments. You can find more information about these team players around our website.

Today MPN continues to be a leader in the gaming community. We are a hub for gamers to join and interact with like-minded players around the globe. We encourage everyone to consider joining us and being a part of our future history together. What we are building here is something unique.

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